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Japanese ruins are somewhat very melancholic in comparison with the ones we find on the European or American urbex websites. Check by yourself.

Yuhara Strip-Club Room

Yubara Strip-Club

In a corner of Yubara Onsen Village you can find a gloomy and cold strip club, decaying quietly on the side of the road. The building itself looks terribly cheap: a ready-built home sort of framework covered with metal sheets was all there is to it.

The inside doesn’t provide a much better feeling either: everything was depressing, rooms were decorated with a horrendous taste. The main striptease room looks like a reception hall, like those gathering place for war refugees. In the end, it is hard to believe that naked sexy Japanese girls used to dance here!


– The strip-tease room
– The horrible atmosphere


  • ? – 2001
Projectionist Control Panel

Akeno Gekijo Strip Club

Akeno Gekijo (明野劇場) is a strip club found at the corner of a love hotel street. The area itself is in the middle of a boring Japanese countryside, wonder how they can get enough customers.

It is said that this abandoned strip club was destroyed in a fire in the 1990s. Back then what would it be like? The main stage is still there, stretching out from the further end, occupying most area in the room; audiences’ seats are like those found in old cinemas; 10 big stage lights must have been casting a bewitching sort of ambiance.

There are stage looking walkways not so high in the air as well, wonder what kind of strip show this could provide.


  • ? – 1994
  • Nippon No Haikyo #60
Yui Grand Love Hotel - Red Room

Yui Grand Love Hotel

Yui Grand Love Hotel – ホテル活魚 – is a love hotel with a real striking story behind.

A few years ago, a gang of 3 criminals kidnapped a schoolgirl, kept her in one of the rooms (the hotel was abandoned already at that time), abused her and eventually killed her. Could this be why some blood hands prints were found on the wall… ?

Fuurin Motel - Knight Room II

Fuurin Motel

Fuurin Motel is a majestic love hotel, found in a little town in Chiba. It only counts less than 10 bedrooms, or shall we say “suites”, in total; all the rooms are real spacious thus to include their own dining-rooms as well as bathrooms.

Some of them even have outdoor Onsen instead of normal bathtubs. On top of that, each room has a distinctive theme like: medieval age, traditional Japanese, hunting, etc.


  • ? – 2000
Hotel Royal - Scenic View

Hotel Royal

The Hotel Royal is a huge 7 floors love hotel located in Kanagawa, not far from Tokyo. This ruin has been obviously there for a while, but at our surprise, the alarm was still actually working ! It rang, and later the police came. It finally was handled easily, but I understood that, in my next expeditions, I should be more careful…

If you want to see the inside, please have a look at John Grist and Tokyo Times websites.

Pearl Love Girl

Pearl Love Hotel

The Pearl Love Hotel (ラブホテルパール) is, to be honest, one the worst haikyo I ever visited. It would have been the first, I guess I would have enjoyed it, but… it isn’t. Nothing particular is left to be found there. Grass is overgrown all over the place, deeming it almost inaccessible. Way too much efforts for what it worth.


  • Nippon No Haikyo: 49
  • ? – 1996
Seline Hotel Tochigi - Bed

Celine Hotel

The Celine Hotel (ホテルセリーヌ) is a wracked love hotel somewhere in Tochigi. I didn’t see this hotel anywhere before on Internet, and I discovered it after driving pass by its appealing decayed sign. There is a crashed car at its entrance, and the hotel itself is a real mess. A lost land ideal for ghosts.


  • ? – 1990
Hotel Queen - Messaging System

Queen Love Hotel

The Queen Love Hotel (クイーンホテル) is one of the numerous abandoned love hotels around the Tamako Lake. No wonder it has been abandoned, it’s really far from the train station, and the area isn’t that nice neither.

The first shot is actually not the Queen Love Hotel, but another one which you can see on the way.

Queen Chateau Soapland - Stairs of Death

Queen Chateau Soapland

This old dilapidated brothel-like hotel haunted mansion is actually a soapland (brothels with baths) called the “Queen Chateau Soapland” (クイーンシャトーはソープランド).

They had to close since authorities discovered they actually used illegal immigrants Soaplands are everywhere in Japan, and can be easily found in Kabukicho and Ebisu areas in Tokyo.

You can learn more about the soaplands and the Queen Chateau on Totoro Times.


  • 1980 – 198x
  • Nihon No Haikyo #54