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As the largest population center in Japan and the location of the country’s largest broadcasters and studios, Tokyo is frequently the setting for many Japanese movies, television shows, animated series (anime), web comics, and comic books (manga). In the kaiju (monster movie) genre, landmarks of Tokyo are routinely destroyed by giant monsters such as Godzilla.


Nakagin Capsule Tower

The Nakagin Capsule was believed to be a haikyo or to became one but this day never came. However, its phenomenal architecture and decay still attract explorers and we all fear it might be demolished some day.

The building was originally designed to host salary-men coming from outside Tokyo. Its very specific, modular design was supposed to allow the capsules to be detached and re-attached at will. Unfortunately, the building doesn’t work as well as planned and it does not conform to today’s standards.

Today, about 25% of the capsules are usable or being rehabilitated and a few of them can even be rented.


– a building from the metabolism architectural movement
– back to the future


  • 1972 – …
  • Architect: Kisho Kurokawa

Fuchu Military Air Base

Fuchu Military Base can be dated back in 1950s, back then it was an military base used by US 5th Air Force for communication purposes. This base was abandoned in 1973, it contributed greatly to US Air Force during the Vietnam war before becoming a famous haikyo. The two gigantic parabolic antennas are the symbol for this abandoned military base.


  • 1956 – 1973
  • Nippon No Haikyo #82
  • Fuchu City

Seika Dormitory

The Seika Dormitory (精華寮) is definitely a sad, mournful place. Yet surprisingly, it is found in the middle of Tokyo. The first noticeable thing is that the building was burnt down a few years ago. However, the upper floors remained intact, and the rooms still concealed stories from the past. Some Chinese workers obviously has once lived there, and they were apparently from all different backgrounds: some were deeply devoted into Christianity,and others more interested in pornography. Another interesting feature of the building is its alikeness to the Gunkanjima’s Block 65; Only in a smaller version, easier to hide in Tokyo’s urbanity.


  • 1927 – 2007

Queen Love Hotel

The Queen Love Hotel (クイーンホテル) is one of the numerous abandoned love hotels around the Tamako Lake. No wonder it has been abandoned, it’s really far from the train station, and the area isn’t that nice neither.

The first shot is actually not the Queen Love Hotel, but another one which you can see on the way.

HDR - New Sky Building

New Sky Building

The New Sky Building (ニュースカイビル) is a massive and impressive warship-like building in Shinjuku. Definitely worth a visit if you are around! It’s actually not a haikyo anymore now, as it has been completely renovated. You can even rent a room in a shared-apartment there now! The pictures have been taken before the renovation.

It was renovated in 2011 and renamed Higashi Shinjuku Building. You can read more about the New Sky Building on Totoro Times.


  • 1970 – (renovated in 2011, and renamed )
  • Renovated in 2011