New Muroto Sky Resort

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New Muroto Sky Resort (スカイレストニューむろと) in Shikoku is probably the weirdest shaped haikyo. It used to contain a restaurant, a video-games parlor, and two side wings from which you could (still can!) admire the Cape Muroto.


  • ? – 1978
  • Nippon no Haikyo #167
  • Roman

    Hello there! Cool, this is only the second time I see pictures about this cool location. I had the chance and the luck to check it out myself. Besides the building the view from the mountain top is an additional reward.
    Here is my article about it and of course some shots.
    Cheers, Roman

    • Meow • Japan & Urbex

      This place is really awesome, I don’t know why it’s not that famous. I loved it, but the another urban explorer I was with didn’t really love as much it seemed. I just love the shape, so eerie, so mysterious, and yeah, between the mountains and the Cape Muroto. Beautiful!