Japanese Sex Museum: House of Hidden Treasures

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Have you ever been in a Sex Museum? A Japanese one? Well, this is… an abandoned Japanese Sex Museum!

You may already know that DVD shops in Japan are full of really sick stuff (if you don’t know that, go visit the basement or highest floor of one of these shops). Based on that, I had real high sexpectations from Japanese Sex Museums. Let’s see what this one has to offer.

Blanketed in darkness, the museum is really gloomy. But it actually got me quite surprised; it wasn’t as sick as I expected. Funny and happy phallic rocks looking at you everywhere, huge dickheads guarding the tunnels, a sex shrine for everlasting love-making happiness… even kids could have enjoyed this, laughing and jumping all around! But that was until I discovered the last room, which was way more sickening that I imagined! Lights on now, enjoy the show, but don’t be too sensitive! This is trash.


  • 1978 – 1997
  • michaeljohngrist

    Love the lighting in these photos, especially first. You’re getting really good at light painting.

    • http://www.totorotimes.com/ Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Thank you! I was not delighted by the place, but lightpainting there saved my day.