Fuchu Military Air Base

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Fuchu Military Base can be dated back in 1950s, back then it was an military base used by US 5th Air Force for communication purposes. This base was abandoned in 1973, it contributed greatly to US Air Force during the Vietnam war before becoming a famous haikyo. The two gigantic parabolic antennas are the symbol for this abandoned military base.


  • 1956 – 1973
  • Nippon No Haikyo #82
  • Fuchu City
  • Bwentz56

    Great photos! I was there in 67 to 70. My dad might have worked on some of that equipment! He was a Civil Service Test Engineer when they built the big tower. We both climbed it when it was brand new. The building with the bars on it might of been where he worked. It was Top Secret. 

    • http://www.totorotimes.com Meow • Japan & Urbex

      That building was indeed the communication facilities There are still a lot of documents there, it could be interesting to study them. Please don’t miss this article: 
      http://www.totorotimes.com/urban-exploration/fuchu-abandoned-us-air-force-base/. By any chance, do you have any old pictures of when you were there? That would be truly magic!

  • joey gazdak

    hi. i have a photo of my mom and dad at the Fuchu Officer’s Club. it’s dated june 17, 1950. do you want a copy? if so, how do i send it? i have other photos of our time in Japan. i think between 1949-51.

    • http://www.totorotimes.com/ Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      I would be delighted to see it You can actually post it here in the discussion. Do you have photos related to this communication center though? I’ve never seen photos of this place from that time…

  • Reform School Girl # 67050204

    What happened to the old YAMATO Air Station between Yokota AFB and Tachikawa AFB, Tokyo Japan. It was used for billeting in the early 1970’s…then closed. Is it still there?

  • wasthere

    just to set the record straight. The air station was handed over to the Japanese sometime in 1975. I was stationed there from 1972 to sept. of 1974. I was in the 1956th communication sq.

    • Kenny

      Was also there 72 to late 74. Was with the 56th Comm Sq,- a Telephone Equipt Installer Repairman 3ABR36254… Kenny Chauvin (Sgt)… Capt Kang was above the First Shirt at the time. Most of the Base was closing down and moving to Yakota. Great Duty!! Great memories!