Nara Dreamland

Dreamland Looping Sepia

Nara Dreamland – 奈良ドリームランド – is an abandoned amusement park in Nara, Japan. It was built in 1961 and is extremely inspired by Disneyland in California. On August 31, 2006, Nara Dreamland closed permanently, due to the lack of visitors.

Read the whole story about the exploration on The Abandoned Roller-coasters of Nara Dreamland on Totoro Times.


  • 1961 – 2006
  • Suzy
    • TigrouMeow

      Thanks it’s cool! I have a few more places here as well:

  • MattTheSpratt

    Always a shame to see good arcade games go to waste.
    I bet some of them still work, too.

    • Meow • Japan & Urbex

      I wonder why they’re keeping them here. That could be easily sold to some bars somewhere, or even some people just might be super interested in having one of those in their garage!

      • Jaime

        hey Jordy how are you , are you still in Japan? I am in Tokyo at the moment and i would like to be taken to some of this places to take photographs any suggestions ?

  • Ju

    Je testerai bien la #29 :D
    La Nature reprend toujours le dessus.

    • Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Toujours ^^

  • Umka

    Hello, how did you get into? Is there a nice path – or you need to make your way through? how “rough” is it? also are there any personnel left in there who watch for explorers etc?

    • Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      A nice path, not really. But the easiest way is also the best in this case. Look around :) There are guards during daytime though.

  • épavart

    On a du mal à croire que c’est abandonné dans un pays ou il y a déja peu de place !

    • Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Il y a de la place ^^

  • Geofffroy

    Bonjour, je voudrais savoir s’il est difficile de rentrer et ce qu’on risque à y aller? Je te remercie pour ces superbes photos!

    • Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Le risque de se faire éjecter du pays et de payer une grosse amende. Il faut bien-sûr faire très attention, surtout que le lieu est devenu assez populaire.