Yokohama Negishi Racecourse

Dancing Room at the Negishi Grandstand

The Yokohama Negishi Racecourse is an interesting historical place, used from the Meiji era for horse races then used by Japanese and American army during and after World War II.

The building has been emptied and surrounded by a fence, and probably his most interesting feature is its architecture as seen from outside. But having one whole day to spend within the old building, I attempted to make the inside interesting as well, trying to give a second life to the place.

If you want to discover the Negishi Grandstand more, you should have a look at those Totoro Times’ articles: “Infiltration of the Negishi Grandstand” and “Negishi Grandstand: History & Blood“.


  • 1866 – 1983
  • Nippon No Haikyo #90