Nichitsu Ghost Town

Nichitsu Town Entrance

Nichitsu Ghost Town covers a vast area filled up with apartments, a post office, a town hall, a school and an abandoned hospital (which is covered in another article).


  • Nippon No Haikyo #71
  • Mark

    Hi, I really want to visit some places like this in Tokyo/Kanto area. Could you give me some more information about the exact locations?


    • TigrouMeow

      Unfortunately, we aren’t suppose to share those locations so easily…

  • Mermaidninja

    It’s like everyone just vanished!

    • TigrouMeow

      But luckily, not everything :)

  • ikumi

    Pikachu and Some cute figure photos :) It is a very interesting attempt ! 

    • Meow • Japan & Urbex

      Thanks :) And be ready for tomorrow! It’s going to be crazy. I will go sleep now :)

  • ????

    Must be so many hidden treasures here.  Managed to find the clinic but couldn’t locate the actual mine.  Will go back for sure.

    • Meow • Japan & Urbex

      Indeed there are! I think I saw the mine before the village, but there was some kind of activity.

  • alex

    we went there to shoot a film. we got kicked out an hour into going there. cool place though!

    • Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Hey Alex! Really!?!? How many people were you? And who actually kicked you out? I went there twice and never met any guard or anything, only families doing sightseeing… :)

  • Jennifer Leach

    The apartment with all the Gundam figures and console systems seems hard to believe it’s vacant. I love these ghost towns and schools. It feels like a moment in history that just lives on forever, or until demolished.

    Love the work you guys are doing! Hopefully we’ll cross paths on a future trip.

    • Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      It would be lovely Jennifer, let me know when you are in town :)

  • mini

    i saw you on galileo, the town was very nice ^-^ you’re a very good photographer, i love the pictures, may i ask which camera you are using?

    • Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Thanks a lot Mini ^^ Did you check my website as well? It depends, I have a few camera. Those photos of Nichitsu are from 2010, at this time I was using a Canon 7D. Nowadays I am using a D800 and an OM-D.

  • v3000

    Strange… why the town was abandoned immediately, even leaving behind what looked to be a largely intact household still full of personal belongings?

    • Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      I think that place has many distinct (hi)stories, from different periods of time. I am sure the explanation can be found on Internet in Japanese, but basically the town was for the miners and theirs families, then I heard it was used for school trips. Whatever we find now is basically from the latter period.

  • mbx

    how to go there ? thanks merci