Western Village

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The Western Village (ウエスタン村) is an old-fashioned cowboy town, with its restaurants, bars, prison, bank, theater… The theme park also include a clone of the Mount Rushmore (1/3 scale) !

Unfortunately, this haikyo location is in the middle of nowhere and easily explains why business didn’t go well.


  • 1973 – 2007
  • Tresurs

    Oh, how heartbreaking. We made several stained glass windows for Western Village and am stunned to see these photos. As of this date, we are deeply sorry for Japan’s huge loss caused by the earthquakes and tsunami. Our love to everyone. We pray for all. Love~ Barbara and Sharon Hyde, California, USA

    • http://www.totorotimes.com TigrouMeow

      Hopefully everything will get better, and that the north of Japan will get its visitors back one day… Let’s hope for the best.

  • JMichael

    Where is this located?

    • http://www.totorotimes.com TigrouMeow

      In Tochigi Prefecture!

  • Mony

    I been here in 1989 whit a Mexican Group, Saludos from acapulco Mexico

    • http://www.totorotimes.com/ Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Thanks for your comment Mony, that is very interesting! What did you do there, a performance?

  • sam

    this is amazing..frozen in time…the people are creepy tho…but the giant teddy bears are great

    • http://www.totorotimes.com/ Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      The Teddy Bears were the best!

  • Mony

    My first trip to Japan with great friends

    • http://www.totorotimes.com/ Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Any photos to share ?

  • Andrea Ross

    Who can we contact to take a trip there? We are in Misawa Japan now…

  • Steve Hastings

    True story: My wife and I visited friends in Japan in 1999. We took a train ride to a resort town to the north of Tokyo, to give our friends a couple of days off from playing host to us. While I was riding the train, I looked out the window and saw… Mount Rushmore. WTF!

    Imagine the shock, with no warning, of seeing such a sight in the middle of nowhere in Japan. It really was a WTF moment.

    In the resort town I saw some sort of brochure for a theme park, and I realized that the Mount Rushmore I had seen was a real thing, part of the theme park. Thanks to this page, now I know that I must have seen Western Village. Man, I wish I had been able to go to Western Village while it was open.

    • http://www.totorotimes.com/ Jordy Meow • Totoro Times

      Awesome story Thanks for sharing You definitely should have gone!

  • Alisa

    Hi, can i invite you go with me? I already got the address the this place.

    • http://www.totorotimes.com/ Jordy Meow • Exploring Japan

      Sorry Alisa, this place is gone…